Heroes: I Am Become Death

Spoilers ahead.

Last night on heroes we bounced between the future and the present. For the most part the future looked fine for the general populace. However as we and “Present” Peter soon discovered things were not always as they appeared.

Soon future Peter was attacked and killed by Claire. Present Peter took off but was captured. Claire, Knox and Daphne are working together in the future. Daphne is married to Parkland and they adopted Molly. Sylar is living at the Bennet house with his son and Claire’s mother’s dog?

Present Peter goes to the house to learn Sylar’s power. Simon warns that with his power Peter will also get Sylar’s hunger to know more. Sylar considers this his curse as well as his power. Peter convinces Sylar/Gabriel that with his power people be able to save the world. Sylar uses the power that he got from Isaac to paint the future and once he’s done he explains Peter how to obtain his power. Just then Sylar and Peter are attacked by Clare, Daphne and Knox.

Knox is feeding off the fear of Gabriel sun and hit textile. Peter fights with Daphne. A Sylar’s son is killed in Sylar explodes in rage, literally explodes. He unleashes Ted’s atomic power and levels the entire town of Costa Verde.

In the present Parkman is going on his spiritual journey. He is seeing the future and now goes in search of his totem. His totem is a turtle. Parkman also needs to find out who the woman in the painting is. But we already know that in the future that woman is Daphne, the speedster. I like that Parkman’s totem is a turtle but he will fall for Daphne, the speedster.

Also in the present we see Linderman trying to manipulate Nathan, as Nathan settles into his Senate seat. While he is doing that Tracy is searching for answers as to her origin. I couldn’t tell but did the German guys say that there were four girls Nikki, Jessica, Tracy and Barbara? Were they part of the first use of the formula?

Hiro and Ando seemed to work out their differences and were escaping only to be caught by Mrs. Petrelli and the Haitian. They were told that they knew how to stop the formula for being used. They had the secret. Apparently they buried the secret. Did I miss something, season because I was shocked when they were digging up Adam?

In other areas we see that Suresh is not adjusting well to his powers. He is having adverse reactions to the sun, he is moody and overly aggressive. And his hand leaves a sticky residue on everything. He is pushing Maya away. And in the future he is hiding in the shadows and laments to Peter. Suresh really screwed up.

Next week the very unexpected person shows up. I have my suspicions.

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