High Climbers at the Providence Children’s Museum

Photo-A-Day #3366

Today we took a little family adventure trip. We went to the Providence Children’s Museum. I had never gone before but Allison and the kids had been on a previous trip. This place was wonderful. The kids loved it and they had a great time exploring. They had such a great time that they were quite upset to leave. There are two floors and an outside part filled with amazing things for kids to play with. It was great to finally go somewhere that Andrew could have fun and explore and touch things.

Andrew Stacking hexagonal blocks

The first thing that we went to was a dome that Andrew could climb around inside. It had a wall of these hexagonal pieces that you can take out and stack and then put back on the wall. Andrew and I played here for a while and he had a great time stacking up the pieces.

Checking out the water table.

They have a water room at the museum that is fantastic. There are places where kids can pull levers and make water move through pipes and there is a large pool that teaches kids about locks. I talked to Eva about the Panama Canal.

Serving food in colonial times.

We spent plenty of time in the water room, and would come back to it later, then went up to the second floor. The second floor has a hallway with exhibits about life in Rhode Island through different time periods. Eva loved this hallway because she could play dress up and try out life as a mill worker, a sailor or a grocery store owner. She loved it all.

Being Silly

There are a bunch of great things to see at the museum and we got their early, story for another time. We were able to enjoy the whole place without large crowds and we were able to use a pass from the library to get in for half off. We packed a lunch and there was a small room where we could eat. There was an outdoor area as well but it was full up with people. We finished out out trip in the outside area where both kids climbed up on a large climbing station. Andrew did amazing and so did Eva. She was so concerned for him and tried to help him when he got stuck in a loop of going in circles at the top rather than coming back down. It really upset her but he figured it out eventually. He loves to climb. We’ll have to go back.