HIMYM: The Bracket

Last night we had a return to major humor on How I Met Your Mother. I think that the Barney episodes are some of the funniest ones ever. For a guy who can do this over and over he deserves many episodes centered around him.

The Bracket refers to the top 64 women that Barney has screwed over in his lifetime. One of these women is going around warning women about what a jerk Barney is. However one of the women is warning people how much of a Jerk Ted Mosby is. I love it when a show talks about a website and they actually make one for the show. I haven’t been keeping up on Barney’s Blog but I do love it when Barney references it or when another character references the blog. This episode had many funny parts, for instance the work that Ted and Marshall did to get their bracket ready only to find out that their team had already lost. And stealing the blackboard from Lily’s classroom.

I loved when Barney and Robin were setting up the sting and Barney Whispered in Robin’s ear. I know that they will eventually hook up. It is inevitable, it really is. He is the one who gave her the new welcome mat.

But the capper to the episode was the Doogie Howser nod at the end of the show. That was so worth the 3 year wait for that type of joke. And since Barney maintains a blog we would have to see him post to it at some point. So awesome.

Maybe this episode is where Barney got his skills.

And I loved the NPH centric commercials for Harold and Kumar go to Guantanamo Bay.

I also found a fun video with the Muppets.

So…. Who fell for the Rick Roll? April Fools.

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