HIMYM – The Goat

I am a day late with this and will tell you that yes, there will be spoilers.

Of the episodes this year this one has to be one of my favorites. Was it the ‘Bro Code’, ‘The Devil’s Three-way’, ‘Barnabas Stinson’ or the Goat? No, it was skymall. Yes, skymall is what totally made it for me this episode and I will tell you why. Barney is the guy that skymall was made for. I travel, a whole hell of a lot, and I read the skymall catalog at least once a trip from cover to cover because I am bored, I finished a book and I want to see if there is some cool gadget for me to buy. However I don’t buy any but I’d like to. Seeing Barney’s office covered in inspirational posters and the Coup de grâce was the hot dog toaster/cooker. I mean, it cooks the dogs and toasts the buns at the same time and he had it in his office. What guy hasn’t wanted one of those at the office on his desk. That would be sweet!

Okay, skymall aside the episode had many great points. We start out with the morning after between Barney and Robin. Was it awkward, not really, Robin is pretty cool pretty quick. She seems to forget that things ever happened quite easily. Barney however introduced us to another Barney-ism, the .bpeg The .bpeg is a mental digital image of nude pictures that Barney keeps in his head. And he asks Robin for a high five. Sure Barney seemed cool in that bed but once he got out….

Barney has some great ticks once he is nervous about something. He nearly feel to pieces as the group talked about “breaking the barrier” to their 30s. Of course in Barney’s guilt ridden, sex-addled brain he figures that everyone already knows that he slept with Robin. Barney is cracking, cracking under the weight of his guilt. He feels guilty because he broke, the “Bro Code”.

Later Barney hired Marshall as his lawyer because he needs 1.) to tell someone about sleeping with Robin and 2.) He wants that lawyer/client privilege and 3.) He wants Marshall to find a loophole in the ‘Bro Code’. The ‘Bro Code’ is a leather bound book that Barney has, I suspect he wrote it and got it printed through a place that will leather bind a book that you wrote, someplace like a skymall. But Barney claims that the ‘Bro Code’ was written by his ancestor in 1776. That ancestor, Barnabas Stinson. I loved the wig and the Gaston looking outfit of Barney’s.

Of course Marshall totally cracks, he of course tells Lily about it. This makes for a funny conversation on the roof. Lily has a part to play in this episode as she is the one who supplies the goat. The goat was brought to her kindergarten class by a drunk farmer. The farmer told the kids all about the goat and then proceeded to tell them how a goat gets slaughtered. Nothing like a little ‘The Jungle’ for your 5 year olds. The class begs Lily to save the goat, she does and is going to bring it to the ASPCA but they can’t get the goat till Monday. So the Goat stays with the group in the apartment and is part of Ted’s birthday celebration.

Ted is turning 30, he is packing up a box of stuff that is no longer of any use to him. Ted is pretentious and I am not the biggest fan of Ted. He should be a sympathetic character and I think in the first season he was but now we are seeing so many more of his annoying personality flaws. One of those flaws is overreacting. Are the minds behind How I Met Your Mother trying to keep the Ted/Robin romance alive a little? Ted is supposedly moving on from Robin, they dated a year and a half ago. Ted is with Stella now, but we don’t see her in this episode. Just a little back story for these scenes.

Barney could not find a loophole in the ‘Bro Code’ and it looks like Ted could have written the code himself as he is a pretty good follower of the code. Some funny flashbacks attest to that fact. So Barney figures he is going to buy his way out of his own guilt. Barney kidnaps Ted in a limo and is going to whisk him away to Vegas for a 30th birthday to remember. Some big bucks are being dropped on this (Barney must not have spent everything at skymall). But Ted wants to go back to the rooftop party and in an argument Ted reveals that he knows that Barney slept with Robin. Flashback to Robin telling Ted. Ted is okay with it, he is not mad… at Robin. Ted is furious at Barney and Barney offers Ted a ‘Free Shot’ anywhere but the face. Ted goes for the crotch, ouch Ted, you are really really mad. However, that wasn’t cool.

Ted then tells Barney that maybe Barney should be in that box of things he no longer has any use for. Ted tells Barney that they are no longer friends and gets a cab back to the party. I think Ted totally overreacted. But I think Ted does that a lot and he can be a brooding whiny pain. I’m not a fan of Ted, I am a fan of NPH. You just don’t do that to someone.

Oh, Lily, so of course Marshall tells Lily about Barney and Robin and at the rooftop party Lily starts asking about any weird sexual stuff with Barney. She says she is repulsed but she is also so curious. I’ve noticed that Lily is probably supposed to be like a meek librarian but is wild on the inside. I find it pretty funny when they let that deviant part of her slip out once in a while.

So throughout the episode Ted is talking about what the goat did and at the very end he says. “Wait a minute those can’t be Robin’s facecloths she wasn’t living there at my 30th birthday, so it must have been my 31st. So apparently Robin will be moving into the apartment? Strange ending and it really will get people talking.

Oh and one other thing that was great, they brought back Ranjit. This guy drives everything.

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4 thoughts on “HIMYM – The Goat”

  1. First, thanks for the props on Cat Scratch Fever, and following through. This honestly gives me some entertainment while I’m at work.

    Second, thanks for the in depth review of the episode. I can relate a lot with Ted, but I have seen him become a bit more whiny about certain things, and no character is better than Barney. However, he did go against the Bro code after all the crap Ted has gone through for Barney, that wasn’t fair. I did enjoy “Guess who just slept with the Channel 1 news woman. Up high!” and the .bpeg

    Third, I also have been noticing the whole librarian thing will Lily. The scene was good, but it wasn’t as good as “Momma needs some.”

    Fourth, not only did they give us clues to the fact that Robin is moving in, but that the goat will be around in at least a years time.

    Fifth, I know she has an obligation to Scrubs, for all the talk of Stella in this episode, she wasn’t shown once.

    Lastly, as when they always show the kids, I’m not seeing much in the ways of technological advancement by 2030.

    Mike’s last blog post..News: The 31 Days of the Dragon

  2. No Problem Mike,

    It is much more enjoyable to write something that someone really enjoys reading.

    No, there isn’t much by way of technology in the future. But maybe Ted is dead in the future and this is a hologram of him telling his life’s story to his kids. That would be very unfunny for a funny show.

    With Barney, well he has no conscience, not really Barney goes about and does things but doesn’t really consider the consequences. It was funny to see him trying out guilt that couldn’t be satisfied by skymall.

    I was going through the posts on my old Entertainment blog and they are being ported over to this blog because I am getting rid of that blog but the point is I need to write more TV recaps on this blog.

    Thanks for reading, I will try and get the reviews up faster.

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