Holiday Meat.

Today my company gave out the annual Turkeys, Kosher Turkeys, Hams, and Vegetable Lasagnas. This is my 5th year working here and each year I am amazed by the sheer number of holiday meats available. It is very nice of the company to do this for us. The hams are always very tasty and my family loves them. I’m not sure which house the ham is going to this year, maybe even ours. But who knows.

A woman that works here got in a car accident last year that sent her holiday ham flying out into the highway. She was more distraught about losing the ‘holiday meat’ (that’s what she called it) that she kept asking the police officers to make sure that her ‘holiday meat. was okay.

One year a former employee went downstairs and got his turkey and put it into his desk drawer. He then forgot to take it home and was gone for two weeks. It took about that long to figure out where the smell was coming from. The next year this guy got a call from the president of the company ‘reminding’ him to take home his turkey.

I don’t know of many companies that do this anymore but I am glad that mine still does this.