Holy Crap, Holy Crap, Holy Crap!!!!!!!

I just watched the Transformers teaser trailer on Yahoo.uk. IT is awesome. I cannot wait until July. Watch the trailer now!!!!


The tanks flying through the air, Optimus pulling up, the cars on the road. Bumblebee! I cannot, cannot, cannot wait for this to come out. So incredible. And the little girl with the My Little Pony, I think it is Jazz getting out of the pool.

Update: This trailer is going to be shown with Night at the Museum. In the trailer for that movie Ben Stiller calls a Roman soldier Optimus instead of Octavius. I thought that was pretty funny. Also apparently it is Ironhide that gets out of the pool, I don’t see it though, my vote is still on Jazz. I would have thought Ironhide to be bulkier.