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This year was the first year that I decided to purchase hosting for my blog. I ended up paying a fair amount for the services. However I just learned about Easy CGI as a hosting service and they are offering web hosting for Free for one year. That is free, no coupons, no rebates, just free. Free certainly appeals to my wallet. With a little one on the way and four blogs to maintain, maybe hosting another one of my blogs with Easy CGI would be a good idea for the coming year. Heck free web hostingis a good idea even if the little one wasn’t on the way.

I was looking over the list of features that you get with the free hosting and they are really very good. They have 24/7 phone support for their customers. So if you need help configuring something, a helpful person will be on the phone waiting for your call. But you could also use their set up knowledge base tools if you are a problem solver like me. I like to work things like that out on my own before I make any calls. Being able to browse a knowledge base is key for me because I know most of my questions will be answered.

I don’t think that there is any other offer out there that can beat on year of free hosting. Just head over to Easy CGI through my link here to sign up for the free web hosting. Did you also know that Easy CGI has a 99.9% Uptime Guarantee. There are four core values for that guarantee, Speed, Technology, Support and Reliability. Take the virtual walk through of the services of Easy CGI for much more information on that 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

You can also install many of the Internet’s most popular applications with a One Step Script Installation Tool. Here are a few of these tools that can be installed in one step. You can add and implement OSCommerce, phpBB Forum, DotNetNuke, Community Server, nGallery Image Gallery, Form Mailer and Counter. And what is the point of having a site and not knowing who is visiting your website. You also get Web Traffic Reports included in your free web hosting package.

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  1. We provide free blog hosting with all the features available for a premium account. There is a limit on bandwidth, but it is ok if your blog doesn’t have huge traffic.

    Later if needed, you can upgrade to very cheap premium services. We also offer 99.9% uptime! We offer fantastico for application management.

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