How did this get by me…

Microsoft Expression WebI have heard almost nothing about Microsoft’s new set of products under the umbrella of Microsoft Expression. Microsoft has built an awesome suite of tools for the web designer. I used to use Microsoft FrontPage back when I was working on the Saint Anselm college Website and a few other websites that I made, this was long before I was blogging. I liked how things were so easy to use with FrontPage. sure the program had problems and shortcomings but each new version was better than the next.

Looking at the Microsoft Expression website and all the new products under Expression suite has got me salivating over the possibilities. I write and maintain 6 blogs and I have yet to really do much to enhance the themes of each of the blogs. I’m having one blog professional designed because I won a contest. However this blog and 4 others aren’t getting the special treatment. With Microsoft Expression Web I can build CSS easily to enhance the look of each of my blogs. I’ll be able to precisely lay out everything that I want to see on each blog. There is so much that I would like to do and I think that Microsoft Expression Web will be the product out there that will help me.

What I don’t understand is that this whole suite of products popped up and I haven’t seen anyone talking about them yet. the look amazing and if I had the whole suite of Microsoft Expression products I am sure I would have some amazing stuff to show you on these blogs.

If I am lucky enough then I might get myself my very own copy of Microsoft Expression Web from FuelMyBlog. Kevin got two copies of the product to give to two lucky Fuel members who write about the contest. So guess what I’m going to do some major writing because I really want this product. Also I am a huge fan of FuelMyBlog and have been finding great bloggers daily through the site. I’ve got my top 20 friends on fuel over there on my FuelRoll. Do you have a FuelRoll? Are you adding friends. Add me to yours and I’ll be adding you right on back.