How To Shoot People

How to Shoot People
Photo-A-Day #1261

Today’s photo is of Ted Murphy. Ted is the CEO of IZEA and he is an all around great guy to know. In between sessions Ted and David from IZEA were sitting with Julie and Heather and I just blogging and twittering. The awesome Michael Brito was also with us.

The Think Tank

Ted was taking photos with his Canon Rebel. Ted also had a really sweet mini tripod that he used to get some amazing shots of different people in the blogger’s area. He would take a shot of someone post the photo to Flickr and if he could find out their name he would and associate a name to the face.

I’m not that good at photographing people and approaching them to ask permission. In Ted’s case he took photos and then would introduce himself to the person find out their name and twitter id and then send a twitter @ to that person to let them know that their picture was on Flickr. He takes some awesome photos of people. I was so impressed. I had never seen Ted’s quality photos. That is because I had not added his personal Flickr Account, his stuff rocks! I always see the iPhone ones and the goofy ones he does. His Flickr Photo collection is awesome. Take a look at Ted’s Collection.

So as I was watching the last session of the day I saw Ted and his Trek-Tech T’Pod tripod so I snapped this shot of him snapping shots of people. Ted also has a Fastpack 350 like mine and I need to get my hands on the Trek-Tech T’Pod tripod of his for myself. I think it is time to write to another manufacturer for a test product.

Ted also blogged about the XShot I gave him at IZEAFest and he was using it all over the place at Blog World Expo.

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