Hulu, so awesome…

Have you heard of It is a joint venture between NBC, Universal and a few other players. The site is now free and open to anyone in the US. But what is it? is a site that has many of your favorite shows from NBC, USA, FOX and more. There is Chuck, My Name is Earl, Bionic Woman and many more. Not all shows have the full season but there are some episodes I missed of certain shows that it is nice to catch them online. For Fox they have Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and New Amsterdam (which is great because the media center pc up and died on us.).

From now on my entertainment posts and TV and movie reviews are also going to appear on this blog. I was keeping BenSpark 2 alive to help me earn some more money but I have since decided to quit posting for a certain company that Pays U 2 blog. I felt I was writing just to write and not because I really wanted to. So things change today. I’m adding an entertainment aspect to this blog with reviews as well as embedded videos of the shows that I review. That is another feature of which is very cool.

Here is the pilot episode of The A-Team. Oh yeah, there are some classic shows online as well.

I watched the intro and there was a different guy instead of the real Face. Did you know that the real Face wasn’t in the pilot?

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  1. John, thanks for commenting. I love Guitar Hero, the game is so much fun. Both my wife and I love playing it. I visited your blog and it looks like a great resource for players of the game.

    I also love that has so many of the Sam Raimi type shows, if only it had Brisco County Jr. I would be all set.

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