I Am Smiling

Photo-A-Day #3201

While Donatello is my favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Raphael is growing on me. Raphael is a hot head. He’s now voiced by Sean Astin and was voiced by Rob Paulsen back in the original cartoon. I like the way that Raphael has evolved in the cartoon and comic book. One scene from TMNT the CGI movie was an amazing fight between Raph and Leo. Theirs is one of the central conflicts in the dynamic of the team. It gets explored in the new cartoon often as well.

I shot this using my Samsung NX300 and the 60mm Macro lens.

One thought on “I Am Smiling”

  1. I always liked Casey Jones, that his mask and hockey stick. Rogue warrior who fought on the side of the turtles 🙂 Ah, reminds me of my childhood and collecting stickers from ninja turtles.

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