“I Can’t” Pay it Forward Contest

Eddie ChristyA while back one of my blogging buddies, Eddie Christy of the now defunct Mister Nashville blog (bring it back, Eddie), has released his single “I Can’t” on iTunes. I have been a fan of Eddie’s for a while now and discovered him on myspace when I used to spend a lot of time there finding new music. I loved “I Can’t” and now I am very excited that it is on iTunes.

And another online friend Chica X put out a Pay it Forward post today. Well, I got to thinking here as I am listening to Eddie Christy’s song “I Can’t” (Which I bought and downloaded from iTunes). I thought, hey I’d like to pay it forward to Eddie. He’s alway be supportive of me with comments and links and he was even a Photo-A-Day host (before Mister Nashville disappeared, please bring it back).

Well when I purchased the single I saw that I could gift it to someone else. I thought, hey I am going to give away 10 copies of the song. But how to pay it forward to Eddie beyond the $10 I will be spending. Eddie is an independent singer/songwriter and independent singer/songwriters should be supported for their amazing work. So here’s the deal:

If you would like one of the 10 gift iTunes singles of “I Can’t” by Eddie Christy leave me a comment on this post with a link to a short original blog post about Eddie Christy and the song “I Can’t” linking to his myspace page, the song “I Can’t” on iTunes and to this contest post. For Example.

“Drew over at the BenSpark introduced me to a talented Singer/Songwriter Eddie Christy. Drew is gifting 10 iTunes copies of Eddie’s Single “I Can’t” in support of Eddie’s song. I would like on of those gift copies. You could win one too.”

I will randomly choose 10 people to win a copy of the song once the pool of entrants reaches 30. That way you have a very good chance of winning (1 in 3) and you are doing something good to support independent musicians.

The contest closes on New Year’s Eve or when the pool of entrants reaches 30. Gifts will be e-mailed to the winners after random selection on New year’s Day.

You can hear “I Can’t” on Eddie’s myspace page and you can learn more at www.eddiechristy.com.

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6 thoughts on ““I Can’t” Pay it Forward Contest”

  1. You don’t need an ipod to use iTunes. How do you download podcasts, iTunes is great for viewing things like that right on your computer.

  2. Oh! I was under the impression that it was for an ipod, the “i’ threw me off. lol. I don’t listen to podcasts, so I wouldn’t know all about that stuff.

  3. Hi Ben — this is super sweet of you to do. Don’t need the gift as I couldn’t wait and d/l it for myself 🙂

    Good luck with the contest.


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