I got 250 free business cards…

Actually they cost me $5.45 in shipping but that is still a deal.

I am going to be heading to Blog World Expo, as soon as funding is secured and I have my travel and all but once I am there I am going to want to have some business cards to pass out to people. I could make them on my home computer and they would look okay but I saw this free promo for VistaPrint and I couldn’t pass it up. I was able to place an order for 250 business cards that I designed from one of their 42 pre-made designs. I put my blog address for this blog, and for The Wired Kayaker as well as my addresses for my Flickr and my Zooomr accounts. That way I can take photos and pass them out to people all over the place.

I took the cheapest option for shipping and then I had the option to get $10.00 cash back for my purchase. I had to sign up for a 30 day trial but I am ready to call and cancel that before I start getting charged.

Update: I didn’t have a good feeling about the passport to fun + account. I signed in to try and get the $10.00 cash back but that page ended up timing out. So I called and canceled my membership for that. It wasn’t worth the $10.00 fee, so as a warning make sure you don’t sign up for the $14.95 a month passport to fun+ account by trying to get $10.00 cash back. So now I’ll be watching my credit card to make sure it doesn’t get billed. I will have to dispute it if I do get billed. If you want to get discounts to restaurants and movie passes buy the Entertainment book for 2008 when it comes out in November, that is a product that truly is worth the price. We used ours often enough to get all the money back it took to buy it in the first place.

So if you would like 250 free business cards, check out VistaPrint.

This wasn’t sponsored. I got a good deal and wanted to share it with you folks.

Here is my card. Pretty generic but it will do the job. Now I can feel more comfortable taking photos and then telling people that they can get a copy of the photo I took by going to my websites or by e-mailing me.

Business Card

6 thoughts on “I got 250 free business cards…”

  1. VistaPrint has some awesome deals. I actually did a sponsored post for them, a long time ago, and I liked the site. I got a free self-inking rubber stamp that I use to *sign* the backs of my handmade greeting cards.

    I am planning to start a small business selling these greeting cards. I should go back to VistaPrint and get business cards, as well as another stamp for the greeting cards…this one with the URL of the website I’ll be selling them from.

    Thanks for reminding me about those guys! Your cards look really nice, very professional. 🙂

  2. Hey Christine,

    The site is pretty good but I think that they try to upsell you a lot. And when you claim $10.00 back you are actually signing up for some other service. So advice on that site is to read the fine print. I need to make up some moo cards for my photography too. Hopefully I get my butt in gear and order them well before Blog World Expo. Thanks for the plug on PPP for going to Boston.

  3. Drew is right, I would advise avoiding vista print is possible, or at the very least keeping a sharp eye on your credit card statments after you order free business cards from them.

    I know a long line of people who have had tons of money charged to their card by vista print for services they unknowingly agreed to sign up for to receive the free business cards.

  4. I just caught it at the end of my order, the order itself is just the $5.45 but I went for that $10 back and if I don’t cancel my http://www.passporttofunplus.com account in 30 days I can be billed $14.95 a month, for the stuff that you can get from the Entertainment book. I’d get the cards but make sure you don’t accidentally sign up for additional stuff.

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