I have been ‘blog interviewed’…

Today I see that my online interview with the blog BlogInterviewer.com. Mike from the blog contacted me a couple of weeks ago and asked if I wanted to be interviewed. I said sure why not, I would love the extra exposure and maybe pick up some additional readers. I have been so happy with all the readers and interaction that has been taking place on this blog already. And I encourage new readers to stop by and leave comments. I reply to all the comments that come to me too.

Well, you can check out my blog interview at BlogInterviewer.com and apparently you can click a thumbs up or (i hope not) thumbs down to rate the interview and put my interview in the top ten list. The highest rated interview right now has 73 thumbs up. I have one, you can rate the interview everyday. I bet with your help my interview can get into the top 10 today. Any votes my way are greatly appreciated.

4 thoughts on “I have been ‘blog interviewed’…”

  1. I gave you a “thumbs up”. Good interview.

    How do you have time for 5-6 hours of blogging a day while working a full time job giving software demonstrations?

  2. Hey Drew,
    Been a few days since I have been able to browse. I also gave ya a thumbs up. Very nice interview. Hope you all have been doing good. About time to make my first Soda-Club order since winning all of that great stuff from Soda-Club and especially The Benspark. We are really enjoying it. I appreciate it. House is looking great. I can tell you have been working hard. As always,, great work Drew. Take care bud.

  3. Jay, great to see you back and checking out the blog. Time to order more supplies, that is great, how is your Soda-Club soda maker working out for you? I hope it is working well.

    The remodel is going, not terrible but it is going. Thanks for the encouragement.

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