I joined Koko Fit Club

Photo-A-Day #2800

I found the gym for me. Months ago I bought a month’s membership through Living Social. I sat on it for about the full three months I had to possibly use it. Finally, one month ago I went and signed up to do my month.

Working out at Koko is like nothing I’ve done before and I really, really like it. There are various reasons for this. Koko Fit Club is not like a typical gym. You do not have to carry around a clipboard and try to remember and figure out the sets that you need to do for your workout. You get a lanyard with a Koko Key (USB flash drive) that you put into the different machines. This not only keeps your information but it tells you what you are going to do for your workout.

So, I come into the Koko fit club and I do a fit check. This little machine measures your lean muscle and enhanced BMI. After that I usually do a Cardio workout on the Elliptical machine or the treadmill. I get onto the machine, plug in my Koko Key and start listening to the workout. The workout depends upon which 15 minute session you choose. Michael Wood, the Chief Fitness Officer for Koko guides you through the workout. He tells you what to set for the speed and resistance on the machines and pushes you to do the best you can.

After my cardio I walk over to the Smart Trainer and plug my Koko Key into the Smart Trainer and this tells me what my workout will be. The smart trainer tells me what exercises to do and what weight to use. Then you do the exercise and there is this bar that keeps the pace. You must keep your own bar within the pace bar in order to keep 100% pace. It is hard to explain but it looks like a video game and I try so hard to keep my pace perfect. If you do every one of your exercises perfectly. I can’t even tell you how mad I get at myself when I do 100%, 100%, and then 99%. Because if you do your entire workout perfectly you get a perfect workout and that gets recognized. Also it feels like a nice personal accomplishment. I have been very consistent though and each of my workouts for the past couple weeks has garnered me 996 Koko Points. If you get a perfect workout you get 1000 points. So I am 4 points away from a perfect workout. So, I have something to shoot for, but I am doing pretty well overall.

Each workout you do gains you Koko Points and as you get more points you earn different levels at the club. The levels are shown by the Lanyards that you get to put your Koko Key on. I’ve got a white lanyard because I am a new member but I am halfway to earning my first new lanyard. I like being able to get in and get out, do my workout and leave. I spend about an hour and a half there many times a week and I really enjoy it. So, today I formally joined the Koko Fit Club and one year from now that photo of me is going to look a whole lot better.