I need a Camera Back Pack…

I have been toying with the idea of getting a new back pack specifically for my digital SLR camera. I have a traditional camera bag that came with the package deal when I bought my camera. I don’t really like it because it just lays on my shoulder. I would love to have a camera bag that is more like a backpack and less like a camera bag. Backpacks however do not have camera bag type compartments.

I found a pretty sweet set of camera bags online however. These are from Naneu Pro and are some high quality bags. They are referred to as ‘Military Ops’ bags because they are made from high grade water-resistant 900D rip-stop nylon and have heavy duty zippers. There are many designs to choose from and they all look great. I just want a simple bag that will hold all of my equipment. I want to start doing more professional type photography and need the gear with me and easy to access.

The bag I really like is called the Bravo, remember ‘Military Ops’. This bag comes in black or green. Black will be my choice of course. The bag includes a customizable camera insert that you can rearrange to fit all of your equipment. The bag is also padded and has many pockets for additional accessories. I am excited to learn more about this bag and possibly buy one.

And with all my travel around the country a backpack makes much more sense than a traditional camera bag. A backpack would be easier to get around with.

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8 thoughts on “I need a Camera Back Pack…”

  1. I really am excited about these backpacks because I am a huge fan and always have tons of camera equipment with me, tripods, monopods, lenses, multiple cameras and whatnot, and my laptop. As far as cables and whatnot I cut down on that by having an iGo Juice 70 with me, it charges many of my gadgets.

  2. Wow, backpacking through the Philippines sounds like a great thing to do, I bet you have tons of awesome photos from your treks. And isn’t it rainy there, this backpack would be very good in the rain too. That is pretty important to me as well.

  3. wow, that is a great bag! I have way too many cameras right now, that would be perfect to keep in the trunk!

  4. Good to know seoblitz, I will have to do some more research on the bags but these look to be in the running.

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