I should play the lottery…

Seriously folks, this past couple months has been great for me and winning contests. Last month I won a contest from FuelMyBlog and Gizfolio. You can now see my Gizfolio account and let me know what you like or dislike about my photos.

Then I won a contest through Gadget Girl for a subscription to Blogger & Podcaster Magazine. And yesterday I get an e-mail from Sputtr telling me that I won their $200.00 review contest. Seriously folks, I’m playing the numbers.

Well, it is September 1st and many people are starting new contests. ahem, (*Cough* Cough* You know like a little contest called XShot Contest 2: Creative Photographs from You!)

But on top of that there is a contest going on right now from Joana over at Nanashi-Inc, is having a really simple and straightforward contest. Why don’t I think of doing simple contests. Seriously I made the most convoluted crazy contest ever last month. But the contest at Nanashi-Inc is called Fifty for the Fall. Joana entered my first contest ever, the Soda-Club contest. She won some Soda-Club pint glasses. I’m hoping that I am as lucky with her contest as she was with mine.

It goes against stacking the deck to win the contest but I guess I will tell you all how to enter. It is wicked simple. All you need to do is go to the official Contest post and follow these easy directions.

* 1 blog post, minimum 50 words.
* 2 links back, one link pointing to the main page like so: Nanashi-Inc, and one link to the contest entry with your choice of link phrase.
* Limited 1 submission per person

Sounds simple., it is but then again you are up against me and my winning streak. (We won’t mention the losses at the Super Bowl Ad or the Roomba Contests.) 🙂

6 thoughts on “I should play the lottery…”

  1. Thanks Joana,
    I just keep entering all that I find. I was thrilled to write about your contest. Best of luck with the entries.

  2. Hey Drew i am truly impressed and glad that I stumbled across your post.congrats on a truly fun, engaging contests.your post has been a great source of exposure for everyone involved.It sounds like we have something in common!;).anyways wish you all the success in upcoming contest & keep doing good job.:)

  3. Thanks Nad.
    I didn’t win the 50 int he fall but I have won a bunch of other things. This coming December I am hosting 3 separate contests for 3 great products. Come back near the end of November to find out more.

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