iSkin my iPhone

Photo-A-Day #2383

Today our phone cases arrived. I decided not to go Otterbox this time but instead purchased cases from iSkin. I bought the Revo 4 SE for my iPhone and another Revo 4 for Allison’s phone, it wasn’t a Special Edition like mine so I also ordered the protective plastic screen guard that has a small spot that allows you to swipe your finger to answer the phone. I sort of assumed that the case was a hard side case but instead it was a silicone case. Even though it was not a hard side case I’m still satisfied with it.

Today after sleeping a bit I was out in the yard doing some cleanup. I did the patio and also the sidewalks. So, now the trees can drop all their leaves by the end of the week and render my hard work for naught. While I did the work Eva did some playing with her PlasmaCar and also with her Tonka farm that Auntie Tara found at a yard sale. When Eva picked up her toys I went out to help her move things along a bit. I saw the cow and the bull together and thought I’d take another Instagram photo. I like the look of the expression on the bull. Oh and the PlasmaCar is Eva’s favorite new outdoor toy. I interviewed her on it the other day.

I received a few more toys and such for SwagsGiving. Some really cute dinosaurs and a fun game as well. I’ve got to start making some video reviews for that but it will be so worth it. I have a ton of great stuff to give away. Make sure that you sign up for my Giveaway Newsletter for the latest info on SwagsGiving.