IZEAHunt lead by V

Our Original Team

The end of IZEAFest was IZEAHunt. For the IZEAHunt the team was going to be Heather, Christine, Lisa, Allison and I and we were to be led by David. However, when the hunt happened teams got mixed up and our new team leader became V or Veronique. I have to say that I was pretty excited about v being our team leader, sorry David we would have had a great time with you as well. V is crazy-awesome. She was non-stop all about the fun and the points during the hunt. Allison and I had a great time for sure.


The IZEAHunt is a multimedia scavenger hunt that leaves you tired, sweaty and sticky. Sounds like a good time to me. We were placed into groups and given a bucket of stuff, a list of tasks and the direction to have a good time. First off, the bucket. The bucket was filled with things like funny hats, face paint, chocolate sauce, shaving cream, marshmallows, pipe cleaners and various other things. We had to use everything form the bucket. Everything. First we did some face painting. I just started painting my face willy nilly. Who cares what it looked like it was gonna sweat off later anyway.

The directions and list of requirements were nutty. Many had you approach a stranger and get photos of videos with them. Others were to get really, really messy. I knew that the scavenger hunt would be a disgusting mess so I brought some really ratty jeans and a shirt I was going to get rid of. I knew those clothes were not making it back home.

Post Cake Plow
Yeah these pants were destroyed.

We ran all over the place and even went to a very secret place that V knew. There we made the human sundae (basically stuff was tossed all over me). That was videoed and is on Facebook somewhere. Then we had to run back to be on time to present our items and videos. It was a lot to do in 2 hours.

When we got back the IZEAFest Cakes were laid out. They were a beautiful rainbow of colors. Poor bastards wouldn’t know what hit ’em.

Pristine Cakes

The cakes were prematurely plowed by Ted Murphy who was forced to plow by some of the bloggers including Loren Feldman however you won’t see video of that because they didn’t let anyone with a camera know that they were gonna do that. Oh I guess not, someone had a camera so I guess it was an exclusive shot for 1938 media.

Well the other cake was not ruined so we could at least do a cake plow on that one. I, of course was up for slamming my face in cake, it is an IZEA thing, if you have to ask then you just don’t get it. Here I sample some cake 1st. Don’t worry nobody plowed that part.

Mmm, Tasty

And Here is Allison and I after the Cake Plow. I had Allison take pictures not even realizing that she wanted to do a cake plow. Sorry hon. Next IZEAFest.

Post CakePlow

Well, the whole event was a great time and I was very happy that V was our team leader. I hope that she pulls through and hooks us up. I will look into getting her an XShot 2.0. Sorry I didn’t have one for you V. I’ll see what I can do, in the meantime take Ted’s. He won’t miss it. Or he’ll use it to make a replacement Ted.

Our Team Leader Veronique

I feel honored that V has this on her desk at work. Very cool. Watch for V and Ashley on their weekly stickam show, Lunch with Ashley and V.