Kayaking on Long Pond

Yesterday morning I went out for a nice paddle on Long Pond in Falmouth, MA. I hadn’t been kayaking all week although I had my boat on my car all week long and carted it to and from work each day in hopes that I would get on the water. But I did not, things prevented me from being able to do so.

I took my video camera and my Canon Sd800is with me. This time I went with the intention of making Wired Kayaker Podcast #4. This time I went and documented the two areas where people can go and park. Then I filmed my intro and also filmed with the camera facing the bow and the water. I am going to try something different with Episode #4. I am going to do some voice over in the podcast. That way I can write a script and things would sound a little better. There will still be me in my cowboy hat chatting about what I see on the water.

I met a kayak fisherman on the water too. He had his own homemade rig for two rods and a work platform for his tackle box. He was having good luck on Long Pond too.

Episode three may or may not be up sometime this week. I am heading to Canada tomorrow and probably won’t have much time, but I will try and get something up. Then Episdoe #4 will come the week or so afterwards. Still no article in the newspaper and it has been two weeks. I wonder when it will be released.

Here are some photos from yesterday’s paddle.

Wired Kayaker Episode #4Wired Kayaker Episode #4Wired Kayaker Episode #4Wired Kayaker Episode #4

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7 thoughts on “Kayaking on Long Pond”

  1. Chase, the feeling is wonderful, you are gliding on top of the water as if you were weightless. I just love kayaking.

  2. I would love to go kayaking, that is something I have always wanted to do. It does seem so relaxing and fun. Look forward to more information on it.

  3. I just got back from a kayaking trip in Alaska! It was so fun… you HAVE to go, brenda!

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