Keep your eyes out for BathRoomba…

One of my least favorite activities is cleaning the bathroom. It is just no fun at all. I would like to see the company iRobot come up with a brand new robot for the Bathroom. It could be called the BathRoomba. And here is what it could do.

BathRoomba would be a new self guided robot from iRobot. iRobot has already brought the world a host of cleaning robots like the Roombafor vacuuming floors, the Scooba for washing floors, the amazing Dirt Dog for vacuuming workshop floors and also the Verro for cleaning pools. The newsest item would be called the BathRoomba. It will make your bathroom spotless and clean in half the time it would take you to take care of that messy job yourself.

How it works, the BathRoomba will include iRobot’s unique AWARE™ Robot Intelligence Systems. AWARE uses dozens of sensors to monitor BathRoomba’s environment. These sensors will help the BathRoomba effectively and safely clean and disinfect the bathroom environment. BathRoomba is amphibious and can even climb the walls of the shower while it cleans and disinfects your entire shower and bathtub. Your shower does not need to be completely dry either Bathroomba can be started the moment after your last shower user is finished.

Tight corners and around fixtures is a breeze with the BathRoomba too. An attachment to the BathRoomba device can clean, disinfect and polish each fixture, no more spots from water drops to mace the shower look dirty. BathRoomba can climb walls with specially designed suction cups on the base of the unit. There is also a squeegee that cleans off any trace or tracks from the suction mechanism, so no unsightly suction rings will be seen.

But what about the worst bathroom job of them all. The toilet. Oh the funk the foulness of the dreaded toilet cleaning. It is no problem for BathRoomba. Seriously the BathRoomba is made by iRobot, the people who make Bomb Disposal robots, they can certainly handle a messy bathroom. The Bathroomba is equipped with a scrubbing toilet brush as well as a self guided arm that cleans behind the toilet and along the sides. You know, those spots that get conveniently missed while cleaning and apparently hit by folks with “bad aim”.

Josephine Hawkins of Cleveland, Ohio is a mother of four young boys and she loves her BathRoomba. She says,

“Before the BathRoomba my bathroom floor looked like a Jackson Pollack painting. I swear my boys must have have spun in circles blindfolded while they were peeing. Thank God for the BathRoomba.”

There really is nothing like the BathRoomba it will take all the toil out of cleaning the messiest room in the house.

Disclaimer: The BathRoomba does not exist. This is a post written for the PayPerPost Blog Battle Royal. However the good people at iRobot have already created some very handy and amazing robots. Take a look at the links to actual iRobot products. Their stuff rocks. And I want an iRobot Roomba sent to me to review and to keep. You can help me get one by voting for this post.

Voting Begins : 8.17.07 Noon EST
Voting Ends : 8.20.07 Noon EST

I will post a link to the voting once it is up.

10 thoughts on “Keep your eyes out for BathRoomba…”

  1. I like it. I’m tempted to buy the automatic shower cleaner just to see how well it really works. I have cleaning the tub.

  2. I would really like to see this one made We have to clean the bathroom tonight and I dread that job, however my wife usually does it because I am on Cat duty all the time.

  3. I do all the housework at home now so I would also like to have a CookRoomba, MakeBedRoomba, WeedPullRoomba, DustRoomba, MopRoomba, ..etc. then I can spend all my time blogging. 😛

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  7. How cruel, Drew! So early in the morning after a late night, and I read this and got SO excited!

    Then I re-read.

    What a wonderful dream it was, tho.

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