Let your audience HEAR your message…

Through this blog as well as my three others I have learned a great deal about marketing and using word of mouth advertising. However I have just discovered a program that is taking word of mouth literally and allowing you to tailor voice messaging to your audience. The service is called Vontoo voice messaging and you can use it to convey your message to one or one million people at the same time.

So, why voice messaging? Well there are many reasons for this including the service being an on demand one, and you have the ability to create custom messages in minutes. But the thing I think is one of the best reasons for voice messaging through Vontoo is that it is Permission-Based. Because it is Permission-Based your audience can Opt-In by registering for the messages. The recipients are those who have an established relationship with your organization. Therefore you are not operating against any regulatory restrictions.

I read through the Vontoo website and checked out their Success Stories. And since I am a New England guy I immediately noticed that the Boston Celtics were one of the Success stories. Imagine that you were a season ticket holder and you had not yet renewed your tickets. Then you get a call from Celtics star Delonte West with a personal message followed by a reminder to renew your season tickets. That is just one way that sports teams could make use of Vontoo. The story about the Celtics also said that after that call went out sales of renewals nearly doubled from previous years. That is a pretty awesome return.

Each success story I read mentioned that the interface for Vontoo was easy to learn and great to use because it is Internet based. You don’t have to download and maintain any software or buy any hardware because the user interface is Internet based. Another thing that the Celtic s are looking to possibly do with Vontoo is to send messages of thanks to loyal fans. How could voice messaging help your business? Just think about it and I bet it could help tremendously.

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