Leverage is back

Leverage is Back
Photo-A-Day #1559

One show that Allison and I totally love is Leverage on TNT. We’re watching the show and live tweeting about it at the same time. It makes the show even more fun to watch. When you want to follow something special on twitter you really must be using Tweetdeck. It is perfect for monitoring things that you are interested in and screening the stuff you aren’t. Also if you are interested in looking for tweeters in your area then Twitter Local and anther Adobe Air product is a good one to use. Really enjoying using these tools.

So, on to the show. It has been a while since I’ve reviewed a TV show so I’m rusty. I liked how many other people on twitter were enjoying the show. I didn’t find any tweets that were negative. The show is a fun one. There is a lot of great nuance to it too. Characters that you can immediately feel for and identify with the characters. When we left the team they split up and went their separate ways. This season starts and they are back, eventually.

I love how this show sets up the con and then reveals how they did everything in the episode. It is so clever and fun. Leverage is one of those shows that I have to watch live and I will certainly be live tweeting as often as possible. Maybe TNT wants a live blogger for this show like SavvyAuntie does for Saving Grace.

I received a very special package today. So did Ted Murphy. (I bought a pack for me and one for the IZEA Crew w my own money.) But more about that on Friday! Fry Sauce Friday!

Also if you live near Mansfield, MA there is a new Chipotle opening and they are giving away free soda and burritos tomorrow. We’ll be going for dinner.

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