I just found the latest Die Hard movie Trailer. It is starring Bruce Willis, of course. But it also stars Justin Long from the Mac and PC commercials and Accepted. The story is a about computer hackers and well I think our PC guy from the commercials is going to be a better fit than the MAC person. But then again I am just very biased about PCs. You didn’t see any of the kids in the movie Hackers with MACs. Nope they had tricked out PCs. When I first watched the trailer I though it could be Transformers or something because there was a CGI Big Rig that looked like a Kenworth and that is what Prime is going to be. The movie is saying it is coming out July 4th in one place but June 29th in another. I hope it doesn’t go after July 4th and cause any problems for the Transformers Movie. LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD on Yahoo! Movies