Logan Turns 1

Logan Turns 1
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Today we celebrated my cousin Shaun’s son’s 1st birthday. Logan turned one and there was a big celebration complete with a beautiful cake, some time in the pool as well as plenty of food, family and fun.

We started off the morning early as Eva has no concept that Saturday and Sunday are the only possible days that daddy has to sleep in if he’s ever going to lose his fat and get his diabetes under control. So we were up early. We went to church and Eva was very good and she even walked down the aisle instead of being carried. Very cute.

We went to my Aunt’s house and the house was full of people, there were other ids around Eva’s age so she really enjoyed playing. There was a pool also I took Eva into it at first. I hopped in and then so did she and she immediately swam across the pool to grab on of the noodles. She’s a swimming machine.

The party was very fun and I took a ton of great shots. When we got home I went through them and edited a bunch of them and moved them to the external hard drive. Our computer then crashed, and I mean completely crashed. I tried over and over to get it started again but nothing is happening with it other than the dell opening screen, I can get into the setup but beyond that nothing else. So I’ll end up getting the photos off the external drive tomorrow. I’m going to bed completely frustrated.

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  1. hi drew yes it was a great day . having you guys there with eva was great and having carissa home with the family was wonderful. i was one happy grandpa im happy for shaun and morgan and logan is so good. thanks drew allison and eva for coming to the party . love uncle rich

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