Look Who Made a Train

Photo-A-Day #3197

I came home from the gym today and Andrew showed me this Melissa and Doug train that he painted. He was so proud of his work. The boy loves painting. We spent some time working on the Art cart. This was Eva’s Art cart and has been living in our hallway since we moved. Now it lives in the Dining room along with the LEGO table. The kids are having a great time with both tables.Tonight I went to Providence to meet up with my friends from ShutterCal. My favorite photo hosting site is now based in Providence. I had seen a post by Scott showing that he got some of the Narraganset Coffee Milk Stout from a place in Providence. I commented on his post and he invited me to come down and visit and get a beer. So I went down and they were having a meeting to do a promo video for ShutterCal. It was fun to be there and a part of the meeting. I also got one of their brand new boxes. I’m awaiting two years of pictures and then I’ll be making a video of this amazing new product from ShutterCal. It is very cool and made in Warren, RI.