Looking Beyond the Pale

Last night Allison and I went to see Jim Gaffigan on his Beyond the Pale Comedy Central tour. Last night he stopped in Providence and played to a packed crowd at PPAC. That is the Providence Performing Arts Center. He had an opening act but we got there late so only caught 2 minutes of this guys act while we were trying to find our seats. I heard about this show because the Jim Gaffigan myspace profile left me a comment on my myspace profile letting me know he was coming to our area, Providence. I then told Allison about it and we invited our friends Neil and Andrea to come along because they are also Jim Gaffigan fans.

The PPAC is a beautiful theater but the seats are so close together and cramped that by the end of the night my knee had locked into place and has only started to feel normal right about now. The show was very popular because we were in the second to last row of the upper balcony. The acoustics were fine because we could hear everything except when Jim did his whispering.

I could also hear the guy behind me that get going “Yeeeaaaah!” to every other thing Jim said.

Jim: I’m lazy.
Guy: Yeeaah!
Jim: Hot Pockets.
Guy: Yeaah, hot pockets.

I found this guy mildly irritating. Oh well, we had a great time and luckily didn’t miss any of Jim’s set. We ended up getting off at the wrong exit and driving around in traffic and then finally getting tot he parking garage. This will be much easier next time we have to go there for any events. And getting out and coming home was a breeze. I like going to Providence way more than to Boston.