Lunch at The Hot Dog Truck

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Lunch at The Hot Dog Truck
Photo-A-Day #1299

I’ve been looking to go and have lunch at The Hot Dog Truck and meet The Hot Dog Man for some time now. Hot Dog Man, is a blogger and he also runs The Hot Dog Truck. Today was the day. Hot Dog Man has entered the Ultimate Fry Sauce Recipe Contest and in his recipe he mentioned that he uses “Killer Pepper Relish”. This is something that he makes and that he puts on his dogs. Well, in order to properly make this entry I needed the “Killer Pepper Relish”, and since Hot Dog Man isn’t divulging the secret contents of this delicious condiment I had to get some from the source. This was the perfect excuse for me to finally drive 15 miles down the road to get lunch at The Hot Dog Truck.

I made a video of the visit but didn’t get any video of Hot Dog Man. I did get a couple of pictures. When I got there I didn’t ask if I could interview him. It was raining and it was a miserable day so I will try and do this on another trip. The part that wasn’t miserable though was meeting Hot Dog Man and trying some of his tasty dogs. The hot dogs are Kayhem Old Time, natural casing franks. They are also expertly steamed in water, beer and onions. This is what makes them taste so delicious. The hot dog buns are grilled to order. I got two dogs, chips and soda. That is a combo meal for $4.25, and absolute steal. I got one dog with onions, yellow mustard and the “Killer Pepper Relish”. I wasn’t sure if I’d like the “Killer Pepper Relish” and I made a big mistake not ordering both of my hot dogs exactly the same. When the dogs came out I also put some celery salt on them.

I can say with 100% certainty that the first bite of dog #1 was one of the most perfect taste combinations I have ever had. The mustard, onions and “Killer Pepper Relish” along with the beer and onion steamed hot dog and perfectly grilled roll was amazing. No Ketchup on the Hot Dog for this Hot Dog fan.

After I ate I went back to the Hot Dog Truck and took a few pictures of The Hot Dog Truck and took today’s Photo with The Hot Dog Man. I will certainly be back for more. Here are the photos, they are also in the video with captions.

Bail Out Plan. Hot Dog Man The Hot Dog Truck
Open for Business Me at the Hot Dog Truck

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  1. Thanks Elizabeth, that makes me happy to hear. I’m all about getting more dogs today but I’m no where near the truck.

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