Magnetic Monday Musings #4

This week’s Magnetic Monday Musings was put up late because we have been gone all day for a farewell party for my In-Laws. So here are your words for this week.

Magnetic Monday Musings #4

Here is mine, sorry it was late.

You talk of sweet spring wonder.
Moist leaves no longer rustle
They keep their secrets on the ripe vine.
Exotic species of wasp are many
Little pink worms and purple mountains
Woman stung round my heart my thoughts blend together
Are you live?
The BenSpark’s Magnetic Monday Musings

4 thoughts on “Magnetic Monday Musings #4”

  1. Yeah it can be a brain stumper, but you can certainly give it a try at a much more awake hour. I haven’t even gotten a chance to do mine yet.

  2. You have some really nice pictures on your site, so I voted for you. You’re up to 152 with my vote, good luck on the contest. I really like that picture of the boats on the water. I stink at word puzzles. I’ll have to have my husband take a look.

  3. I have written mine but have been busy producing my first podcast, take a weekend vacation and get really backed up. Thanks so much for the vote. And thanks for the visit.

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