Manchester Wolves and Grillin’

Last night Allison and I went to the Verizon Center in Manchester to see the Manchester Wolves. The Manchester Wolves are an A2 Arena Football Team. What a fun night! There were give aways, Harley’s and the Manchester Wolves Dance Team. Good times.

We went with Ken and Alicia, James and his brother Griff and nephew James. We were right behind the end zone. Lots of action in that area. I think we will go back.

Today we gave Dan his birthday present, a Stainless Steel Kenmore Grill. This thing is sweet. And it was so easy to put together, (Only took me 2 hours) The problem that I ran into was the weather. Just as I opened the box, so did the skies above, and a torrent of rain came on down. So I assembled the grill in Sandy’s basement and Nate helped me bring it up when it was 95% complete. I just added the side panels in the driveway and we wheeled it down to the house. The element of Surprise went right out the window as the sound of a gas grill rolling down the street sounds like someone dragging metal garbage cans behind their truck at 40 mph.