Marvel Hot Wheels Instagram Contest

My Funko Pops and Hot Wheels Marvel Character Cars
Photo-A-Day #4045

Today was Mother’s Day and we started the day with Church. Then I slept and Allison and the kids went to a First Communion Party. When they got home we had a nice dinner and gave Allison her Mother’s Day Gifts. As I said in my Sears post recently we got her something whimsical, something practical and something beautify. One thing was a Tinkerbell Garden ornament, a new Crockpot and a sweater. And Allison also got the new iPad that Xfinity sent me when I mentioned that they should have ordered sizes other than large for their Watchathon gifts.

In my video I talk about a contest that Hot Wheels is having right now on instagram. Then I find out that the contest is over. It happened so quickly. I really wanted to shoot my Marvel cars and make an entry into this contest. Oh well.

My friend, Andrew from Mommy’s Busy put up a post about the box that I sent him as a cease fire gift. Our Blogger Civil War is now over. We’ll be on the same side from now on in hopes that we will someday meet up again on a Disney Press Trip for a future Marvel movie or to simply watch a movie together.

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  1. Thanks again for the great cease fire care package, Drew!!! I’m happy to report that most of the food is gone (I enjoyed the Starburst with my son while watching Civil War!) and I can’t wait to decorate my walls! Thanks for sharing the video too!

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