Me in a Super Bowl Ad, not impossible…

It looks like I am one of 10 finalists to appear in a Super Bowl ad from

The contest is being held through the FuelMyBlog website and the competition looks fierce. I need to write a funny post explaining why I should be part of this Super Bowl ad. Once each finalist gets their post done voting will begin, the winner is the one with the most unique votes. So it is a single vote per person, so your vote will count in this competition. I hope I can count on the BenSpark readers to talk things up on their blogs once I get my entry post up on this Blog. And I hope I can count on your votes once voting begins. Thanks very much.

5 thoughts on “Me in a Super Bowl Ad, not impossible…”

  1. You know you have my vote, and I’ll get Mike to vote for you from his work computer, too.

    If you won, that might actually make me watch the Super Bowl. I’m not much into football…the last time I watched the Super Bowl was when Paul McCartney was in the half-time show, I turned it on for that.

    Good luck! 🙂

  2. I tune in for the commercials, how wicked cool would it be if I was in one. Crazy wicked cool, thats how cool it would be. Thanks, I appreciate your support.

  3. Congrats Drew,
    You can count on me to help you out. I will have to round up all of my voters and tell them this one is the biggie.. I am sure they will help you out. Good luck and let me know when your ready for some votes. This is going to be so cool. ha

  4. Thanks Jay, That would be awesome if your voting contingent got behind me on this one. I appreciate you looking out for me.

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