Mech Mice Revisited

Mech Mice

A while back I posted about a new online game called Mech Mice the new turn-base, tactical strategy game from Disney’s Club Penguin creator Lance Priebe! I played through the first act and it was a fun and enjoyable. Well, act two came out and I was provided with a special code that let me play that act plus any further acts that are released. I can even play on our new iPad Air and because my accounts are the same on the device and online I can play through all acts on that device as well. I prefer playing on the iPad because when I sit down to the computer most of the time I am working. when I use my tablets I am using them mostly for entertainment purposes.

Mech Mice Welcome

Mech Mice is an entertaining game. You control a squad of mice who each have different skills, equipment and weapons. The weapons are water based or maybe bug spray based because the enemies are these cybugs from the Dark Union. The Mech Mice have sworn to protect the innocent citizens of Roden. It is a turn based play style game. You have to manage your squad and determine the best character to use for different situations.

The first act is fairly simple and shows you the ropes on how to play the game. Then you get into the second act and you have to up your game and use some strategy. With mice that have the ability to go stealth you must sneak by superior numbers of forces in order to complete the level. One wrong move and you may be toast.

Mech Mice Play Screen

The creators are committed for kids safety online. They are also very interested in the feedback from the player community. Also because they have the experience of Club Penguin behind them they know how to do entertaining gameplay for kids. But the game isn’t just for kids. I found it very entertaining as an adult as well as challenging so it kept my interest.

Check it out, you can play the first chapter for free at