Middle Name Meme

How did I know I was gonna be tagged for this by someone. And I was by Scott of ScottPot and the Wallhogs Blog. But on top of having to do this meme I also have to go and be the first Swambly Swambler to Swamble about the meme that I posted. Scott makes me jump through almost (not even by a long shot) as many hoops as I make people jump through.

Obligatory Rules, Copy and put in your post.

You post the meme rules before you start listing the facts of the darn meme. For each letter of your middle name, list a fact/statement relevant to you and/or your life, in some way. Alright? If you don’t have a middle name, pick one.

Next, it’s your world, make up your own rules for the rest of this one and tag people accordingly 😀 .

As for Rules to this one I choose Zooomr. I have a ton of Photos on Zooomr. Pick 5 favorites from my images and let me know via a comment on this post or a comment on Zooomr. The first person to pick 5 favorites (mark them with the Favorite heart) gets a post about a photo on their blog and if they are playing BenSpark’s August Add It Up Contest they get 25 shiny points for their trouble. Other points may also be awarded for those who are second and third posters and favorite…rs, be creative.

Mo was the first person to do this. 25 Shiny points to her. She must be monitoring my Uberfeed. If you are monitoring that then you too may pick up extra points here and there because so many things get posted on my blogs and you never know where the points could pop up.

If you weren’t the first you will still earn points for your efforts. 5 for a post and 5 for doing the 5 faves. Check out Mo’s post about this meme.


Everyday Photos… Every… Day…
Drew is a Transformers fanatic.
When am I not holding a camera
Allison is my wife
Reading is one of my favorite activities
Doing memes hurts my brain, just kidding.

I would like to tag and, my following friends:

Spanish Joe

Scott and AVCr8tuer can also score point by Faving some of my photos on Zooomr but they’ve already been tagged for the meme.

*NOTE: If I missed a player who has been active in the game and who wants in on this please leave me a comment.

13 thoughts on “Middle Name Meme”

  1. Here are my favorites from Zoomr:
    (in random order!)
    *8/16/07 #860 (of course the sunflower giving the peace sign!)
    *8/15/07 #859 (the Pixar dragonfly)
    *Soft Sunflower
    *8/22/07 #866d (funky flower with the bee)
    *Busy Bee (flower and bee with the desaturated color…awesome!)
    I’m posting my post now!!!

  2. Thanks Mo, you get a post to your blog, are there any photos that you would like me to choose to link to and any particular posts you would like me to write about?

  3. Excellent work, Drew. Congrats on your swamble victory, I’ll be contacting you momentarily!

    Until next time, play safe!

  4. Side trip
    Nashoba Valley Winery
    Photo-A-Day #867h 08/23/07
    Photo-A-Day #863c 08/19/07
    Mechanical Nature

    My top 5.

  5. Thanks Lisa, When things calm down with the storm could you mark these with the fav tag? I love the ones that you picked. And a good post as well.

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