MNIE, Scrubs, Office Recaps 05/01/08

Last night I had every intention of sitting down with a pen and paper and capturing the best lines from the night as accurately as possible. I didn’t do that.

There be Spoilers contained within these recaps.

My Name is Earl – Love Octagon

Last night’s episode was a pretty decent one and could have been the season finale for all it accomplished.

For one thing we have Earl out of his coma and he is bent on finding Billie and winning her heart. So he goes on a quest to find her. Randy also updates Earl on everything that has happened since he was in a coma. That was a pretty funny part of the episode as Randy is just so messed up. We then get Catalina running in telling everyone that she is a lesbian, I guess the whole Randy and Catalina thing is completely over.

So Earl goes to try and find Billie but she is not in the phone book. So Earl goes to enlist the aid of Frank, who is living in a halfway house now. Michael Rappaport is a freaking riot, I might add. Anyway Frank is living there and so is Paco, Catalina’s boyfriend. Paco gets out on work release. Frank can’t get out and is going stir crazy. Earl and Randy suggest that Frank gets a job with the Crab Shack so that he can get out and help them find Billie.

Frank has a new girlfriend and is very, very into her feet. She was a roommate with Billie for a while and said that Billie went back to being bad and apparently held up a bank. Meanwhile Billie was in a coma because Stuart, the cop that is now a pro bowler, hit her with his car. Stuart has spent his days watching over Billie and falling in love with her. When she wakes up she immediately asks about Earl. Stuart tells her that she killed him and the police are looking for her for questioning. So he will hide her in his room, at his mother’s house, and she is the police chief.

Earl later gets a number for a phone that Billie used to call Frank’s new girlfriend. So Earl enlists the aid of Kenny, the only guy in Camden with computer knowledge, to figure out where that phone is located. It was a pay phone, so the guys stake out the payphone until it is taken away. Eventually Stuart moves Billie to the hotel where she encounters “new lesbian” Catalina and Catalina tells Stuart that Earl lives two doors down. So they up and leave again and go to Kenny’s.

Through a series of events we see many plotlines come to an end. Paco find Catalina. Frank stays with his new girlfriend. Stuart may or may not be gay and ends up with Kenny, possibly, and Earl declares his love for Billie and they get married. I love how every wedding photo or Earl has him with his eyes closed.

While Joy and Darnell were in this episode they were not in a whole lot because instead of doing something from the list Earl did something for himself. I hadn’t realized that they were living int he crab shack but that was pretty funny. Also we see Earl’s kids doing homework and it looks like they may not be as dumb as expected. I think this would have been a great ending for the season but apparently there is more to come.

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Scrubs: My Waste of Time

A fairly decent episode but we really see how things are winding down for this show. For one thing there was a part where J.D. reveals out loud that he takes a portion of wisdom from another person’s life to apply to his own. That was a pretty good nod to something wee see happen each week. Also J.D. says that the long fantasy is never worth the payoff. Acknowledging these things is very indicative of a show that is wrapping up. And the season finale is next week. The show will be moving to ABC next season in case you missed that.

Also Dr. Cox is the new Chief and insists that people call him Chief Dr. Cox.

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The Office: Did I Stutter?

This was a very good episode. The story centered around Stanley confronting Michael in one of Michael’s silly meetings by raising his voice and saying, “Did I Stutter?” This causes Michael to go on an angst filled journey to find out how to deal with this.

Some of the best parts of this episode were.

Dwight strong arming Andy into selling him his Xterra at a deep discount and then cleaning it up and trying to resell it for a ton of money.

Dwight attempting to take power from Michael to deal with the Stanley situation and also attempting to strong arm Michael into doing so. I loved the visual aids and Dwight saying that he would relinquish power once the Stanley situation was dealt with.

Ryan and Toby have an alliance. Ryan comes to the office to give Jim a verbal warning. The warning is for all of Jim’s goofing off in the office which Ryan knows all about from working with him. It wasn’t till right now that I realize that Toby could also benefit from Jim’s downfall. And I see Toby did not move to Costa Rica.

Michael seeking advice from Daryl and Daryl telling him that gangs solve things by tickling the insubordinate member.

Michael’s fake Firing of Stanley and then the confrontation between Michael and Stanley alone.

Kevin’s description of the standoff between Michael and Stanley.

Stanley laying it all out on Michael, their resolution. I love Stanley time.

Stanley backing Michael on his next dumb idea and then Phylis says that the idea is stupid and Michael has the whole office leave again.

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