Momma, I Need More Paint

Photo-A-Day #3395

This morning we took the kids outside to the patio table and did a little painting. Eva and Andrew were excited about the two paintings that we brought home from Drink and Dabble the other night. Eva wanted to try painting her own boat on the water scene. I had some Crayola kids paints and I put all the colors around a paper plate like they do during paint night. I gave one to everyone, myself and Allison included. We started to paint.

Andrew promptly took his brush and spun it through all of the paints around the plate. It made a cool swirling design and then he mashed that onto his paper. And then he kept asking for more paint. I wouldn’t give him any more because he had plenty on his plate. He is not old enough to paint the rowboat like Eva was trying to paint. But he’s almost three and he gets bored quickly. Eventually he wandered over to the play house to play.

Eva tried really hard to paint the boat. She did pretty good, too. She is really too hard on herself. She did enjoy that we spent the time painting and having fun. We also listened to the whole Guardians of the Galaxy Soundtrack. She wanted to know which character was singing the songs (too much Frozen).