Mooning the Cog

So today I heard a ridiculous story about undercover cops (actually they were an off-duty state trooper and a ranger – dressed in hiking clothes) on the Cog Railway charging hikers with a federal offense because the hikers mooned the cog. Isn’t there some better way to spend money on undercover cops. Seriously with all the drugs and guns and pedophiles and rapists and scumbags out there why arrest hikers for participating in a tradition.

This has been going on between 20 and 30 years and the thru hikers on the Appalachian trail moon the cog. There are many theories as to why. One because the thru hikers are known to call the train the Smog railway. So shooting it the moon is a way to protest the smoke belching beast. Another theory is that the Cog was called the Railway to the Moon.

Mooning the train is pretty harmless in the grand scheme of things but of course some body got their panties in a bunch and became “highly offended”. It makes me thing of that movie clerks where the customer says that he is highly offended by the dirty language in front of the customer and Randal shoves a magazine in his face saying, “If you think that’s offensive….”

For the most part I think that mooning the cog is harmless fun. No need to get all Dirty Harry and charge the hikers you off duty guys. Wow you made the world safe from seeing one more butt. Whoop Dee Do. Get those guys medals.

In looking up mooning the cog I came across a group called the ATO. I’m not sure that I like their message either. But there should be a happy medium. Having a little harmless fun by mooning the cog railway should not be a federal offense. Having the train crew pelt the mooners with coal seems like a funny response to a funny situation. It is almost like part of the attraction. The train crew warns people and so if you are offended by seeing a naked butt look away, cover your kids eyes and if you are not, then it is a funny photo for the scrapbook.