I Guess, I Need More #Attention Than Most

Photo-A-Day #1943

Or at least that is what Jim Kukral must think. Jim’s new book Attention! This Book Will Make You Money: How to Use Attention-Getting Online Marketing to Increase Your Revenue (Aff Link) came to me in the mail today. One copy of Attention The Book came directly from Jim and his publisher to read and review (Thanks Jim). The other one came to me from Amazon because I pre-ordered it the first possible day that I could. I got home, ripped open both packages and started reading. I’m up to chapter 8 and already this book is kicking my ass with the great content. I’ll be talking about the book with my partner in crime Daniel M. Clark this Sunday in our next installment of Geek Dads Weekly. And if we are lucky maybe we can get Jim to pop in for a little bit!

The official shipping date is August 10th but I’m sure that Jim won’t mind a little bit of attention. So, because I have two copies of this book I am going to get one of them signed by Jim when I see him at Affiliate Summit in two weeks. Jim is Keynoting the Summit and I can’t think of anyone who has more important things to say to our community today. That would be the community of bloggers and internet marketers. So, if Jim is agreeable to it, I’ll get him to sign book number 2 and then I will have a contest to give away the book on the blog.

Photo Information

Date Taken: August 2, 2010
Camera: Canon Point and Shoot
(Aff Link)
Model: Canon PowerShot SD800 IS
(My Flickr)
ISO: n/a
Exposure: 1/20sec
Aperture: 2.8
Focal Length: 4.6mm
Flash Used: No
Mode: Manual
Lens: Manual

Speaking of contests, I hooked up with a company that will be supplying me with some very, very cool prizes from a TV show that both Allison and I really love. I think you are going to like this!

5 thoughts on “I Guess, I Need More #Attention Than Most”

    1. Shawn,

      I’ll be bringing mine with me to ASE10. How far along are you in the book. I’m nearly to Part III. Do you know what games will be on hand for the Wii in the Blogger Lounge? I’m thinking that we’ll bring our Guitar Hero Guitars with us plus some games. How’s that sound?

      1. I read the whole thing already. I read lots of books out of obligation, because I sort of know somebody who wrote them, but I truly enjoyed Attention.

        We haven’t updated the games in a while – I think we just have the old Wii Sports, Trivial Pursuit, and something else. Maybe I need to make a trip to the store.

        I know we originally had Guitar Hero a couple of years back, but don’t remember seeing it recently.

        It would be cool to have that there.

        1. Shawn,

          We’ll bring Guitar Hero, I think I have 3 of the games and 2 guitars. I also have Excite Truck and Excite Bots (good head to head racing games) I’d say we’d bring Wii Resort but you need to special attachments of Wii motion plus to play that however it is a fantastic game.

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