More Back Yard Work.

Today Dad and Tara and I worked on the backyard. We planted trees, laid down mulch and dug lots and lots of holes. At one point in the day I was walking by the truck and I saw a green bug on the truck, upon closer inspection I noticed that it was a Praying Mantis. A very small one. So I got my camera and went up for a close up shot. It jumped onto the lens of the camera and began to walk up my arm. I gently brought it over to some daisies that we were going to plant. And it hopped off my arm and onto the Daisies.

A while later when all the trees were out of the truck we found three more, they were all brown and about an inch long. The three ones we found later were all in the truck, they must have come from the trees that my Dad bought. So I rescued each one and put them on the trees. And we found two small toads as well. These hopped off the truck and are running around the backyard somewhere.

Some hard work today did us all some good. It was a really good feeling once we were all done.