More Skylanders Reveals at E3

Trap Team Poster

I’m sure that if you are a Skylanders fan you have been seeing certain character reveals from the event. I asked my contact if there was going to be a press release soon about the new characters from E3 and they let me in to the press room to poke around. I can let you know about some more new characters and you’ll be happy to know that they won’t all be male characters. We already learned about Gearshift but I also found out about Torch, a new core Fire Element character. She is not a Trapmaster but she looks like a great toy. She looks like a blacksmith of some sort with the big leather apron and a bellows that shoots flames plus a hammer on her belt.

Torch Toy Photo

A Trapmaster that I learned about from E3 is Jawbreaker. He reminds me a lot of a chompybot but maybe it is because he is a robot with those ragged robot teeth like the Chompybot. Jawbreaker is no bad guy for sure. He’s a robot but he can think for himself and he has giant traptanium fists to pummel the baddies.


Another new Trapmaster is Krypt King. He was the disembodied spirit of a knight who found powerful Arkeyan armor and a giant traptanium sword. He realized that his new found strength could be used for a higher purpose and he became a Skylander and a member of Trap Team.

Krypt King Toy Shot

There were more villains revealed as well including a candy spewing pinata called Pain-Yatta and the anti-Food Fight called Broccoli Guy. I guess artichokes are good and broccoli are bad. Who knew.

I for one can’t wait to play this new game and see all the new figures up close.

Did you notice Mini-jini on the poster? I wonder what that is all about? It would be cool if the sidekicks could help out in some way rather than just run around doing nothing. that would be a fun surprise.