Mustangs and Mason City….

I am in Mason City Iowa. It is about 110 miles norht of Des Moines. I have a black 2005 mustang to drive. It is awesome! The car is impossible to keep under 75 mph. And since the roads are so sparcely travelled and totally straight. So cruising along at upwards of 90mph was commonplace. Needless to say I made the trip in no time.

The demo this morning in Chicago went well. I was done and out of there by 9:30am. So I was able to get an earlier flight to Des Moines, so no really late drive into Mason City for me. I got here about 3:00pm and checked in and then headed over to the Mason City Harley Davidson shop. Today’s Photo-A-Day is of a mural that was on the side of the building. They had a pretty nice dealer pin too.

I’m continuing to read Beach Music and it is really a great book. I forgot that Allison has the book on tapes, not that it will do me any good having only a CD player in the car. Oh well.