My 3rd Koko Perfect Workout.

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Not Even Two Days ago I posted about how I enjoy Koko Fit Club so much. I tend to go Monday through Thursday and skip Friday (Swimming Lessons with Andrew) do Saturday and then skip Sunday (Church Day). In an average week I’ll complete 3 strength training workouts on the Smart Trainer (Mon, Wed, Sat) and do about 10 or so Cardio Workouts during the week with Tuesdays and Thursdays serving as “double sessions” (4 Cardio sessions 2 Treadmill, 2 Elliptical). This has helped me get in better shape and it has helped to move me closer to the next level/goal at the club.

How do you get to the next goal?

Each workout you do earns you points at Koko. Do a 15 minute cardio program and earn 500 points. Do a 30 minute strength training program and you can earn up to 1,000 points. The points you earn depend upon how well you keep pace with the exercises. The Smart Trainer shows you what you need to do. As you perform an exercise there is a bar on a screen that represents perfect pace. There is another bar that represents your pace. It is your goal to keep your bar within the pace bar in order to match perfect pace and thus perform a perfect workout. If you move too fast then your bar will go outside of the pace bar and may turn yellow. Do that too much and your pace score will go down. I’ve had workouts where every single exercise except for one repetition was perfect. In those instances I end up with 996 points overall because my pace score is 99%. When that happens I get so frustrated with myself for not concentrating hard enough to keep perfect pace. So far I’ve completed 3 perfect workouts including today’s workout.

What happens with the points?

As you earn points you attain certain levels and when you reach those levels the color of the lanyard that you use to hold your Koko Key changes. So for instance, when you start out you have a White or Grey Lanyard. When you get to 50,000 Koko Points you move to the Orange Lanyard. For 100,000 points you get the Black Lanyard. For 250,000 the Yellow Lanyard and when you hit 500,000 Koko Points you attain the Blue Lanyard. If I keep up my weekly pace of 10 Cardio and 3 Strength sessions a week it will take me 62 weeks to get to the Blue Lanyard. But I’m at 75,000 points so it will take me 52 weeks, one whole year, to attain that Blue Lanyard. Can you imagine what the photo will look like a year from now?

But the Color of the Lanyard isn’t the point

The point is that I’m finally doing something consistently that will help me gain strength and improve my fitness. On Monday Koko rolls out their newest innovation, Koko Fuel, a nutritional program tailored to each individual who goes to Koko. It helps eliminate the “Chocolate Cake Factor”. I’m looking forward to that.

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