My First Father Daughter Dance

Photo-A-Day #3291

Tonight was my first ever Father Daughter Dance with Eva. She was so excited. I was excited as well. I’ve wanted to participate in these moments ever since I learned that we had a daughter. I love being a dad to a daughter and such a loving and caring one at that.

Allison made Eva a caplet (I think that is the name of it) she crocheted it and added two buttons from her jar of buttons from her grandmother, Eva’s namesake.

Eva told me how handsome I looked in my suit. I am a T-shirt and jeans guy and don’t even wear khakis unless we are going to something special. So, she barely ever sees me in a suit.

Before the Father Daughter Dance

The dance was held right around the corner from us so it was a super quick trip over. The theme was Alice in Wonderland. Our invitations were shaped like playing cards. On each table there were these beautiful cookies shaped like roses, the white rabbit and Alice. among other things.

Alice in Wonderland Cookies

There was also a nice meal of ziti and meatballs, chicken tenders and more. While we were in line a group of girls went over to our table and took the Alice cookie. I was annoyed at that but didn’t say anything because, what are you gonna say? We got back to our table and Eva noticed that Alice was gone. She asked me where it was. I explained that while we were in line someone took it. I then asked her how she felt about this. She said that she felt upset. I told her to remember that feeling especially when faced with the opportunity to take something from someone else. At least it was a teachable moment. She did enjoy a rose cookie instead.

Red Rose Cookie

Dancing was fun. We did a little slow dance where she stood on my feet. We did fast dancing as well. She’s in Kindergarten so she and her friends are bouncing around hugging on each other having a great time. Eva did some of the line dances and we fast danced to a few songs as well. She made it to 9pm and then we went home. Her feet were tired and she pretty much went right to bed. A couple of wake ups before she was down for the night. It was a really nice night and she had so much fun. I look forward to next year’s event.