My Interview with

While at Blog World Expo I went and talked to all the exhibitors. One of them was I went by their both and they drew me in with the cool contests that they were having. They had one contest for where you can write a post about at Blog World Expo and win $500.00 The other contest is for their other property called where the best photo could win $300.00. Here is my photo for

Pretty sweet photo isn’t it. I did none of the work, Yonit did. She was great at getting me to sign up.

Later I sat down with Ori and he told me all about what was doing and how it could benefit my viewers and me as well.

Basically you can upload content and it is judged and you could possibly win a weekly contest for real money. Why not, sounds like fun. I’ll be using the service and giving it a more in-depth review later on. For now take a look at and let me know what you think of it.

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