New Kitchen Command Center

Photo-A-Day #2330

This morning my father came over and helped us out by cutting some holes through the shelves of the corner unit. This is where I put the tiny TV, Computer, Monitor, Modem, Router, Seagate Home and Seagate Net. With all those devices there are a ton of wires and who wants to look at a ton of wires. This way everything is in place and out of sight.

With the computer in the kitchen it has its advantages and disadvantages. One advantage is that we can keep an eye on Eva when she gets older and starts using the computer more. The bad thing is that she can watch everything we do and she wants to play her games. It makes for an interesting place to do work too. I can watch out the back yard and get a nice breeze from the window. I got to record the first Geek Dads Weekly episode in nearly three weeks. So it was great that I finally found that last box of gear and gadgets. Inside it was my Kodak PlayTouch, External Mic, Headset and the Seagate drives. I’m glad too because it was great to get back on the mic with Daniel M. Clark. It felt great and we had a good conversation about Affiliate Summit East 2011. While we were recording we were also broadcasting live on We also had a decent audience in the chat room.

While recording I found a few more things that might be cons to having the computer in the kitchen. We had a delivery and with the porch right at the window there might have been some background noise but I muted my mic and ran out to grab everything. then the phone rang and that was something I didn’t see coming because I never usually had a phone by me while recording.Something to be aware of next time. But the episode was lots of fun.

4 thoughts on “New Kitchen Command Center”

  1. This photo just gave me a great idea. Not about the computer shelving, but about the curtains! We have bedding that is the same green plaid design as your kitchen window valance. I was going to ask where you bought it, so I could have it in our new bedroom, but then it dawned on me that I can just MAKE one. For FREE!

    At our old place, we had a full sized bed, and sheets like this. When we moved, we junked the full bed and mattress and got a queen. We also bought the same sheets and stuff in that size, including a comforter cover and solid coordinating sheets. It occurred to me that I could take the full-sized sheets that we no longer use, and make valances out of them. They are still in excellent shape. We don’t want full curtains because the cats will only rip them down, but toppers (valances) would be nice.

    Your kitchen media center looks great! We don’t have the space in our kitchen for this; we set up our computer stuff in the second bedroom, nobody sleeps in there but cats. 🙂

    1. Christine,

      What a great idea to make use of what you already have. Believe me, if we were in our old place we’d only have room for an iPod touch and that doesn’t make for a full on Computer center. 🙂

  2. Look’s like you have got that work center in good order. Glad that I could help, it does make for a much neater set up. Stay safe in the storm.

    1. Dad,

      Thanks again for the help. The whole setup was working great until the power went out. But at least it looks neat.

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