Night before the BIG day…..

So it is 11:00pm the night before our wedding. I am sitting here listening to the music that we will be playing tomorrow and thinking. My best thinking is done by tapping out my thoughts onto a blog post. Allison is at the Holiday Inn Hotel with the bridesmaids because they are going to be getting ready there and then taking the limo over to the church. The groomsmen are going to come here early in the morning to have breakfast and then get into their tuxes.

Tonight was the wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. All things went very well, there were a few slight bumps with things I did not anticipate, but we worked everything out and not much about that was noticed. I have to learn to roll with it when these bumps come along.

At the church I took a bunch of pictures when I wasn’t doing my parts. I tried to get all the girls as they came down the aisle. Then I gave the camera to my Dad. Danielle will be taking my camera tomorrow so not to worry, I won’t be photographing my own wedding. And I wouldn’t put it past me to actually try and do it either.

Before the wedding rehearsal Allison and I met with Fr. Dave. We did so because I find that it is time for me to return to being a full member of the church. I wanted tomorrow’s ceremony to have my full participation. And I feel so much better for doing so. It has been almost 12 years for me to be away from the church, but with Allison by my side I began to go back. Then for myself I began to see what I had been missing. And now I have decided that I want to fully participate again. It has been a long faith journey for me and it will continue to be so.

After the wedding rehearsal we all went to the Moose Cabin in Attleboro. Al and his family are so great, very accommodating and generous. They put out a fantastic spread for us and no one went hungry. Once everyone had gotten their meals I began the entertainment for the evening. And I still can’t say what that was because of the wedding being tomorrow and everyone getting to see it tomorrow. Anyway it is the super secret wedding favor. Right before the entertainment was over I paused it and had my Grandparent’s Bennett cut the cake that we had my Aunt Carol make.

It is their 56th wedding anniversary today and I wanted to acknowledge that accomplishment and how much that means to our family. Then we finished the entertainment and began giving out the gifts for the wedding party and our parents. I spoke about each of the guys and Allison spoke about each of the girls. Then my two cousins Madison and Haley (our Flower Girls). We then gave the readers their gifts and then Uncle Fr. Dr. Tom (Allison’s uncle who is a priest, a doctor and an uncle, obviously. He is doing the ceremony tomorrow with Fr. Dave.) Then we gave gifts to our parents.

We also displayed the color version of the wedding gift that Allison gave me. Our newest piece of art from Wes Molebash. To read more about that and to see the picture check out my post about the wedding gifts and my post of a picture of Allison and I at the Rehearsal dinner.

I have to say that I am a truly blessed man. I have a fantastic family, a beautiful and kind bride-to-be, and some wonderful lifelong friends. I can’t wait to be married tomorrow. And now I had better get to bed and stop blogging.