Ocean Breezes… PAD #1142

Ocean Breezes… PAD #1142, originally uploaded by BenSpark.

Allison and I took Eva over to the beach for a little walk. We stopped at a small bridge and I sat down to get some pictures of Eva and the jetty behind her as well as the little inlet between the two jetties.

We are down on the Cape for the long weekend and having a nice time with Memere and Grandfather. Eva will get to see Auntie Shelby sometime this weekend too. You can check out my latest post on Read to Me, Dad. It is all about assembling toys for your kids.

4 thoughts on “Ocean Breezes… PAD #1142”

  1. Chica,
    We are having a very nice time. Eva is really enjoying her grandparents and being on the Cape. She’s out for a walk with them right now.

  2. Mo,
    Stay tuned. I took over 300 photos of Allison and Eva on the beach today. You are gonna love today’s PAD.

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