Ocean’s Twelve

Last night Allison and I went with Allison’s friend Jenn to see Ocean’s Twelve at the Franklin Zeotrope Theatre. It was a good movie, much better than I expected it to be. I really didn’t have great expectations for it but it was good.

Before the theatre we went to Casper’s Bar & Grill in Franklin (Formerly Goodfellas) for dinner. You gotta love the Entertainment Book for its savings. Casper’s was one of the platinum dining locations so we could get up to $13.00 off our bill. For a $20 book of coupons that is pretty good. Casper’s was a pretty typical little local restaurant with American fare on the menu. Allison had a great pizza and I had surf and turf and Jenn had a burger. There was something going on in the kitchen because the food took a long time but it was tasty and we had plenty of time to get to the movie.

The Franklin Zeotrope Theatre is a second run movie theatre in downtown Franklin. The movies are $4.50 and a large popcorn is only $4.00, so much better than Showcase’s outrageous prices. The theatre itself is so steep and the chairs are comfy. Zeotrope is a place you should go to sometime.