On the water… (NOT)

I have not been on the water since before the fourth of July. I miss it, I really do and I feel like I have missed out so much on all the plans I tried to do all summer with this blog. Going longer than 28 days without being on the water is the same amount of time that people spend in drug rehabilitation. So in essence I have more than detoxed from being on the water, but instead of feeling better and getting a clearer head, I feel more scattered and missing my connection to the water. I hope to get back out at least one more time before the weather is to prohibitive for paddling.

6 thoughts on “On the water… (NOT)”

  1. What part of the country are you in that your season is almost over? Mine is too, I was just curious. Actually, I’m getting lucky with a few LATE warm days this year, up here in Burlington, VT.

  2. I’m in New England as well. MA to be more specific. I hope to get back down to the Cape at least one more time before it gets to cold.

  3. Oh, you’re in MA? Then you’re likely familiar with Lake Champlain.. Anyway, yeah, I think Friday is going to be my last day (supposed to be in the 80s!), but I’ve said that for the past couple weeks… we’ve been lucky to have a late summer this year (but winter came and stayed late too, and I imagine it will again).

    Oh well, at least I get one more day until April or May.

  4. As long as the weather is mild I could keep paddling throughout this month, that is if I ever get back down to Cape Cod.

  5. Not really, I have a perception Acadia, not exactly a sea kayak, rather it is a flat water kayak/recreational, that I occasionally take on the ocean, but not to far from shore. I try to find ponds and calm rivers. Have you looked back through the archives at the “podcasts” I made?

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