Opening Day

Opening Day
Photo-A-Day #1459

Opening day was rained out. The Red Sox are scheduled to play tomorrow, we’ll see if the weather holds for them. I’m not a big sports fan at all. I even came close to coming in Last in Average Betty’s Big Dance Bracket. And I was hoping I’d get that, she’s giving away great prizes. She’s even giving away hot sauce. I love hot sauce.

The rain poured down all day today starting in the later afternoon. I was listening to my headphones and gradually I could hear a strange sound. The rain was so hard and so heavy, there was no chance the game was going to be played today.

Photo, Low Light, no tripod and a little shake, did much post processing on the raw file. It isn’t the best but I like the darkness of it. I like the graininess of it and I like that I shot it manual with no flash.

4 thoughts on “Opening Day”

  1. Why is it that after waiting over six months for this, it is pure torture to be forced to wait just one more day for Opening Day?

    The rain was pretty bad, though…so bad that some of it leaked into the basement. Not up to our knees or even ankles in water here, just puddles, but annoying enough.

    I hope the Sox get to kick Tampa Bay butt tomorrow!

    Christines last blog post..Rainy days & Mondays…

  2. Christine,
    Yep, this must be killing you today. Being a fair weather fan these days don’t get to me too bad, but you, you are a die hard. It is too bad that the day was rainy.

    Keep dry.

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